Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Its our Right!

Andy Rooney says: I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I'm not going to sue somebody for singing a Ho-Ho-Ho song in December. I don't agree with Darwin , but I didn't go out and hire a lawyer when my high school teacher taught his theory of evolution. Life, liberty or your pursuit of happiness will not be endangered in ...any way because someone says a 30-second prayer before a football game. So what's the big deal?It's not like somebody is up there reading the entire Book of Acts. They're just talking to a God they believe in and asking him to grant safety to the players on the field and the fans going home from the game. But i...t's a Christian prayer, some will argue. Yes, and this is the United States of America , and Canada , countries founded on Christian principles. According to our very own phone book, Christian churches outnumber all others better than 200-to-1.So what would you expect -- somebody chanting Hare Krishna? If I went to a football game in Jerusalem ,I would expect to hear a Jewish prayer. If I went to a soccer game in Baghdad, I would expect to hear a Muslim prayer. If I went to a ping pong match in China ,I would expect to hear someone pray to Buddha. And I wouldn't be offended. It wouldn't bother me one bit.When in Rome .....But what about the atheists? Is another argument. What about them? Nobody is asking them to be baptized. We're not going to pass the collection plate. Just humour us for 30 seconds. If that's asking too much, bring a Walkman or a pair of ear plugs. Go to the bathroom. Visit the concession stand. Call your lawyer! Or, just exercise their right to leave this country! Unfortunately, one or two will call their lawyer.One or two will tell thousands what they can and cannot do. I don't think a short prayer at a football game is going to shake the world's foundations. Christians are just sick and tired of turning the other cheek while our courts strip us of all our rights. Our parents and grandparents taught us to pray before eating, to pray before we go to sleep. Our Bible tells us to pray without ceasing.

Now a handful of people and their lawyers are telling us to cease praying. God, help us. And if that last sentence offends you, well, just sue me. The silent majority has been silent too long. It's time we tell that one or two who scream loud enough to be heard that the vast majority doesn't care what they want! It is time that the majority rules! It's time we tell them, "You don't have to pray; you don't have to say the Pledge of Allegiance; you don't have to believe in God or attend services that honor Him. That is your right, and we will honor your right; but by golly you are no longer going to take our rights away. We are fighting back, and we WILL WIN!" God bless us one and all...Especially those who denounce Him, God bless America and Canada , despite all our faults, we are still the greatest nations of all. God bless our service men who are fighting to protect our right to pray and worship God


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sarah Smiley: Im Just Saying

This is a great (and HILARIOUS) Book & you all should read it. Since I know that not all of you will. I decided to copy this and replace her husbands name with mine because I find it so humorous and I think many of you will as well =))
Did you know that as recently as the 1970's, it was believed that a service member's spouse's participation was a factor for considering military promotions?
Ah, but here's the real shocker: according to some people, this practice continues today, albeit in a more discreet, elusive sort of way. Don't believe it? Don't worry. Im not sure I believe it either. I mean, Dustins made it this far, hasnt he?
Even so, here is what a retired Navy reader recently sent me via email after one of my pinger-pointing columns about miltary medicene.
A word to the wise: in my day not all the inputs considered by promotion boards were written down... you may wat to wash soiled linen within he service in order to preclude a future whine about the promotion process.

I receive this type of sentiment a lot, actually. One of the most frequently asked questions about my column is " Your husband lets you write that?" Coincidentally, there is also a heated debate on's message board titled "Reflection of our spouses?" where military spouses are arguing back and forth about whether or not our actions-our lives-can affect our spouse's image within the miltary.

To put an end to the bickering, I've decided to pose a little scientific study. Let's say I asked this questionm, "If I, Alisheau Klopfer, am merely a reflection on my spouse and not a spereate human being, who by the way, happens to be a civilian...," (remember this is very scientific) "then it is safe to assume the following:
David Klopfer forgets to shave his legs every other day.
David Klopfer dyed his hair blonde, but thought it looked fake, so hes gone back to brown.
David Klopfer wishes he could remember that it takes two thirds cup of water to make microwave macaroni and cheese, but, alas, he has to read the small print on the back of the box every single time.
David Klopfer gets a giant blister on his right toe when he wears his favorite red high heels.
David Klopfer always gets the loud shopping cart with the lopsided wheels.
David Klopfer still hasnt figured out how to do the "self check-out" at Wal-mart.
David Klopfer is tryint to lose weight, but a love for chocolate frosting is proving that to be difficult.
David Klopfer rarely showers before he takes the kids to school in the morning.
David Klopfer is afraid of mice.
David Klopfer nearly threw out his shoulder tryin on one of those fancy girdle with the nice new name, "Spanx."
David Klopfers greatest fear is being trapped in a public bathroom stall because he'd rather sit there and starve than crawl on the floor underneath to get out.
David Klopfers favorite spectator sport is bull riding, although this has less to do with the sport and more to do with the riders.
David Klopfer is trying to cut back to only two Diet Dr. Peppers a day, which is only causing him to eat more chocolate frosting.
When David Klopfer is nervous, he grinds his teet so hard that his nose gets numb.
David Klopfer feels cranky in the morning if his pants are too tight, his underwear to large, or if his hair looks like someone hit him over the head with a frying pan.
David Klopfewr mistakenly believes he has a good voice when he sings, "Gilligan's Island" in the shower.
Nothing says home to David Klopfer like a nice pair of leopard print slippers an d flannel pajamas.
David Klopfer once tried to count to a million and threw up.
And Last, David Klopfer married a fantastic spouse!
So Judging by our little expeiment, I think it is safe to say just one thing: David Klopfers wife has issues.
As for all this reflecting on our spouse stuff? Well, I just hope the reverse isnt true (That our husbands reflect upon us), because that would mean that I'm terrible with directions and that I have a five o'clock shadow by noon.
You smiled atleast once, admit it =))


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Can't Let Go.

War is not nice-Barbara Bush
I read this story in a book tonight and it brought tears to my eyes.
"I had said goodbye to my husband, Joe, so often, but this time was different.
We now had our first child. After nights of soul-searching and what-ifs, we made the difficult decision that Joe would go by himself to Alabama for the six-month training coursem and I would stay behind with our new son. It was important that I hold onto my teaching position near our home at Fort Hood, plus we were part of a stron network of friends whom I could count on to see me through the rough spots.
On Joe's last evening at home-always a melancholy time-I bathed little Joey, got him into his sleeper and was heading to the bedroom when Joe gently touched me on the shoulder. Lifting the baby from my arms, he said he wanted to tuck Joey in tonight.
They headed down the ahll, and I busied myself with meaningless tasks, expecting Joe to emerge from the bedroom within a few minutes. A half hour went by, and still he had not come back. Figuring he was having trouble getting our son to fall asleep, I tiptoed to the baby's room and peeked into the dimly lit room.
Sitting in the rocking chair, moving slowly back and forth, was my husband, stifling quiet sobs. He was holding our sleeping infant in his arms as though he would never let go.
I whispered, "Honey, what can I do?"
His pained eyes met mine, and after a moment he mumbled, "I just cant put him down"
That night, we stood oveer Joey's crib, holding each other, consoling ourselves and saying over and over that we would make it through this separatin and be together again soon.
Joey is six now, and he has a four-year-old brother named Jack. There have been many farewells since that night, yet my military hero still fights back tears when it's time to leave once again in service to his country and give his boys that last, long hug good-bye." --Julie Angelo

 Now maybe its the hormones, or that we are rapidly growing towared our time to go through just this same thing, but my main cause for loving it so is that I just had a talk with my husband. My exact wording was "Can I please have DAVID for a day and not BM1?" I dont doubt that he loves me and our kids with everything he has. I dont doubt that it is killing him  inside to know that he may miss the birth of our child, or that when he comes home our "baby" will be 6 months old. I just need to SEE it. I realize this is what he's trained to do((holding back the emotion to "do his job")). For him it is more than just "being a guy". I dont need to worry that he is going into a war zone "worrying" about us. But, having said all that, I need to see some of the emotion sometimes. While I know it in my heart, when it comes to doing this "alone" for a year, I need to SEE it. I want him to be angry, sad....scared. I want him to share the deepest fears he holds inside about the next year of our lives. Maybe I havnt been so wonderful at sharing mine with him. Maybe deep down the two of us are trying to "protect" the other, and be strong for the other. When in reality, what we want is to know how much the other HATES this with every fiber of our being. Can I share my anger and my fears with my husband without it effecting his state of mind going into war? Absolutely. Its like he has two different sections to his brain that he can turn on and off depending on the occasion. If he needs to be the big strong tuff guy, he will be. If he needs to be the mushy romantic caring guy I fell in love with, he will be. I on the other hand am all one person, all the time.
By holding back how scared, nervous, angry, or sad we both are with this situation are we really "helping" the other in any way? I dont think so. It would make me feel tremendously better if he would just come to me and say "Baby, I hate this." and again while I know he does, I just want to hear it. I know he prides himself in being strong for me, and I love him for that. But, am I crazy for WANTING him to break down?
Oh my, how will I ever get through this? It was overwhelming enough to know that I would be without the love of my life, my best friend, for a year, and now to know I may be alone giving birth, and that our first child together will not know his/her father until they are 6 months old. Its almost unbearable. There hasnt been a single day that has gone by that I havnt broken down. Thats my way of "dealing" with this I suppose.
Its the strangest thing ya know? To finally find the man that makes me happy, honestly and truely happy, and then to have this man, I must adapt my life to being without him, to have him. =//


Monday, August 23, 2010

I should be the happiest woman alive!

Where to start..?
I am getting married in a little over 2 weeks, to the most amazing man in the world. David & I have been through so much in the short 2 years we have been together and knowing that I am marrying this man gives me indescribable feelings.
We just found out that we are pregnant! I have yet to go to the doctor, but we will get there. I am happy, so happy, but Im worried, very worried. As most of you know we have 3 little girls already, and David is leaving for Afghanistan verryyy soon. I pray every day that he will be able to come home for the birth, but even so he will have to leave again, and return when the baby is almost 6 months old. Thats depressing. I have some of the greatest friends here and I have no doubt they will go above and beyond to help me out while David is gone, because they do it while he is home. I just havnt let all of this hit home yet I guess.
We bought a new car, with 3 rows. =)) & its MOMMYS CAR!
Yet somehow, I am not excited, well lets say, I dont FEEL excited about anything. I am just...Bluh. Maybe it all hasnt sank in, maybe its hormones, I dont know. I wish I did. I know I am happy with everything, except him leaving. I am just not excited, not as much as I feel I should be I guess. Maybe it doesnt feel real yet?
When will it?
Maybe it is all just too bittersweet? Yes, we are getting married, but then he leaves for a year. Yes we are having a baby, but he is going to miss so much. I am horrible, absolutely horrible at finding the positives in life. To most people my life seems so perfect. I have an amazing man to call mine, 3 beautiful healthy kids who dont want for a thing in life, and one more on the way, a great life.....Why am I the only one who cant see just that?


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mrs. Dawson

Brittany, because I love you =))



The product of my bordem! =))
I am teaching myself how to use Photoshop.
This is the way I keep myself busy and not thinking about all the craziness that has been happening.
I made these for some of my best friends!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Whine, Whine, Whine.

I feel like thats all I do lately. I try so hard not to. We are supposed to be the strong confident ones. Yadda freakin YA! That time will come but right now I want to let it all out!
I should atleast update that things are going better with the bestie's husband. I feel like we get along much better and are so much more comfortable with each other! So thats a definate plus. Helps releive some stress.
I feel like there is just too much in my head to go on about right now. I swear eventually I will find the time to "let it all out"! Myself and some of my best friends are preparing ourselves for deployments and such and things are....Crazy. I want to be there for them so much. I want to help them. I want to be there when they need a shoulder, an ear, a hand. At the same time...I feel the need to keep to myself and...WHINE!